PRCI offers integrated communications solutions.

Public Relations

We believe effective communications help companies and brands to better understand their customers and employees. Constant trend-spotting and best practice analysis helps us to pinpoint and use the best PR instruments in the industry. Monitoring and analysis of working processes and outcomes helps us to integrate ideas and client comments to continuously improve strategic programs.

PRCI actively participates in activities of sectoral international organizations both in Belarus and abroad, which means we have access to the best international cases and methodologies. We help our clients to evaluate communications tools and platforms from a business development point of view, pick the best ones and integrate them in a smart way.

What We Do

  • We create communications strategies (B2B, B2C, corporate communications)
  • We create unique concepts of work with public opinion, and we offer implementation strategies
  • We shape the best possible communications network for clients to keep in contact with customers and reference groups (media, Internet, events)
  • We offer a preliminary audit of existing communications channels
  • We can implement all stages of communications strategies or consult clients on how to implement it internally


PRCI helps companies forecast and prevent problematic situations. High-quality, anti-crisis support can help to avoid lack of trust and eliminate the information vacuum. Proactive positioning in external communications will help protect your business from outside threats.

What We Do

  • We carry out a communications audit, and define internal and external threats for the company
  • We develop proactive anti-crisis programs
  • We consult top managers and communications departments on anti-crisis communications
  • We introduce systems to prevent and minimize image and information risks


Social and cultural projects provide a unique opportunity for businesses to make an impact on society. A key success factor for a CSR project is the involvment of company employees, and a clear mission and idea.

PRCI not only develops CSR programs but also integrates ideas of CSR into development strategies, and develops cross-sectoral cooperation programs.

What We Do

  • We develop CSR programs based on the specific goals and mission of your business
  • We provide information support for CSR programs
  • We integrate CSR programs into the corporate culture of companies
  • We monitor outcomes of CSR programs


What defines media today? It is not only printed press and television. Having a digital presence has become a strategic goal for companies, because the Internet audience gets bigger every day.

PRCI helps companies develop and launch digital projects that contribute to the strategic goals of companies and improve the quality of the companies’ online presence. We strive to encourage user interaction with the brand, and create unique user experiences and long-term loyalty.

What We Do

  • We create digital strategies (promotion through social media and the Internet), including multimedia content (infographics, interactive applications, etc.)
  • We offer consulting services on legislative aspects of social media
  • We maximize digital impact


PRCI team is not only ready to create communications strategies for your business. Our experts are also experienced in tutoring, leading seminars and crash courses on such important topics as teamwork, defining company mission statements, developing corporate communications strategies, and much more.

What We Do

  • We develop educational event programs for companies
  • We lead crash courses and seminars about teamwork
  • We develop public lecture programs with participation from company executives and experts
  • We organize public events and seminars for the local expert community
  • We coach company executives on public speaking and strategic planning
  • We create and train communications departments


We strive to make each event we organize an adventure, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a corporate party, official press conference, music festival or private party. Each event should be memorable for its guests and hosts.

If other agencies have told you your ideas are unreal, PRCI is the right company for you! We believe everything is possible, and we work on challenging projects with enthusiasm and inspiration. Plus, we are ready to work within strict deadlines.

Quality, efficiency and inspiration are our main approaches to work

What We Do

  • We develop concepts for corporate events, festivals and conferences
  • We organize events of various complexity levels
  • We organize charity events for companies


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