«Spring Cats» is a street art project that PRCI.Storytellers realized with support of the Municipal Administration of Partizansky District of Minsk and the local Centre of Contemporary Arts.

Paintings created by local street artists Cowek, Mitya Pisliak, Kontra and Grapewave are located in the most central part of Partizansky District. Paintings can be found on transformer houses and fences in courtyards.

The project was launched on March 28 by urban quest. Participants had to find all paintings and do a group picture with a painting in the background. Hints to help find the locations of paintings could be found on maps each team received. The overall distance covered was around 3 km.


1. Reach: Around 1 million contacts (2 packages on national TV channels; more than 15 web publications and around 500 mentions in social networks)

2. Loyalty: Positive feedback from the audience and client (requests for similar events)

Photographs: Iryna Mikhno,