“We knew Belgazprombank had a collection of paintings from a Paris school with Belarusian origins. Our idea was to suggest a one-day pop-up exhibition in the Yanka Kupala theatre. After receiving the agreement from Belgazprombank, we developed the concept of the event”, said Kirill Ilnicki, strategic director of PRCI.Storytellers.

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Les Laboratoires Servier activities in Belarus, PRCI.Storytellers suggested Belgazprombank pay homage to the Belarus-France cultural relationship, and build the event program on the interaction and mutual enrichment of both cultures in fields of art, theater, gastronomy and music. A XX century Paris atmosphere was chosen as the basis for the concept.

One of the most challenging stages of concept development was negotiating with Belgazprombank. “Though we had to submit many documents during all stages of negotiations, we were quite surprised by the flexibility of Belgazprombank and its openness to new ideas,” said Maria Gvardeitseva, PRCI. Storytellers CEO. «Typically, the artwork associated with this Paris school remains in museums and private collections. Exhibitions in alternative locations are widespread in Europe, but this practice wasn’t used in Belarus before. We convinced Belgazprombank to participate in the event, and we are very thankful we did. “Belgazprombank was very helpful throughout the entire process,” Maria added.