Elena Kostiukovich visited Minsk to support Pure Action Foundation and give a public lecture. Her visit supported the Foundation’s program of purchasing rehabilitation equipment for children and teenagers with disabilities.

Elena is an official translator of Umberto Eco’s books into Russian and author of books, «Why Italians Love to Talk About Food» and «Zwinger». Her book, «Why Italians Love to Talk About Food», was translated in 18 countries, and 100,000 copies of this book were sold in Russia. «Zwinger» was awarded Book of January 2014 in «Moscow» chain bookstores and was included in the long list of «National Best-Seller», «Big Book» and «Russian Booker» awards in 2014.

In her lecture, «Practice of Literary Mediation in the XXI Century», Elena talked about techniques and the psychology behind promoting literary work. The evening ended with a book signing session.


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