Communications Agency PRCI

Integrated PR, social media and digital communications


  • PR

    We develop strategies and achieve great results. Our agency has good connections with media and the blogosphere. We provide PR expertise for IT companies all over the world (United States, Europe, CIS), and we deliver measurable results.


    High quality anti-crisis support helps to prevent employee lack of trust and avoid informational vacuum. Proactive position in external communications will help protect your business from outside threats.


    Our goal is to connect business values and society. We have a breadth of experience in organizing successful charity events and believe only in socially responsible business.

  • digital

    With our digital knowledge, we are able to increase the effectiveness of a comprehensive PR program – suggesting solutions, analyzing best practices, and educating our clients on how to most effectively work with social media. We believe in actively engaging in conversations with your target audiences.


    We share the knowledge we have gained about modern communications with you and help spokespersons to be well-prepared and dynamic speakers.. We believe only in effective presentations, so we offer coaching services for company executives.


    We have organized more than 200 events, covering everything from seminars and large-scale conferences to corporate events and city festivals.


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